JSS Centre for Management Studies (JSS CMS), Department of Management Studies, Sri Jayachamarajendra College of Engineering (SJCE), JSS Science and Technology University Mysuru, organized a day long work shop on ` Equity Valuation’ at JSS Centre for Management Studies on 03/01/2019. Sri Balaji Rao, Founder, Sapien Knowledge Ventures, Bangalore inaugurated the work shop and was the resource person for this workshop. The workshop was started with introduction to planning the start-ups and explained the participants about the valuation process of a typical firm. This activity helped the students to know how to raise the capital and business process. Discussions includes Purpose of Asset Allocation, Cyclical Asset Performances, Risk-Return based Asset Allocation Simulations. Further, resource person introduced the technical aspects like bootstrap, disruptive company, first most advantage. Afternoon session covered the process of customer acquisition, method of computations of customer acquisition and valuation of the project in detail.  The workshop also covered the live market sessions. Dr P Nagesh, Professor and HoD, convened and Sri B S Sharath ,Assistant professor coordinated the programme.
Launch Event